Which are the top 10 tech companies contributing to open source projects?

The top 10 tech companies contributing to open source projects can vary depending on various factors such as the specific time frame, the criteria used for evaluation, and the source of information. However, based on their historic and ongoing contributions, the following ten companies are typically considered as some of the biggest contributors to open source projects:

1. Google: Known for its extensive contributions to open source, Google has developed numerous projects like Android, Chrome, TensorFlow, Kubernetes, and many more.

2. Microsoft: Over the years, Microsoft has significantly increased its involvement in the open source community, contributing to projects like .NET Core, Visual Studio Code, TypeScript, and PowerShell.

3. IBM: IBM has a long history of contributing to open source, particularly in areas like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology.

4. Red Hat: As a leading provider of open source solutions, Red Hat actively contributes to various projects, including Linux kernel development, Fedora, Ansible, and Kubernetes.

5. Intel: As a major hardware manufacturer, Intel actively contributes to the open source community by providing drivers, improving Linux compatibility, and supporting projects like Clear Linux and DPDK.

6. Facebook: Facebook has made significant contributions to open source projects like React, GraphQL, and PyTorch, sharing their technology with the community.

7. Oracle: Known for its contributions to Java, Oracle has also involved itself in other open source projects like MySQL, VirtualBox, and the Linux kernel.

8. Cisco: Cisco actively contributes to numerous open source projects in networking and cybersecurity domains, such as Open vSwitch, OpenStack, and Container Networking Interface (CNI).

9. NVIDIA: Popular for its graphics processing units (GPUs), NVIDIA actively supports open source projects like CUDA, cuDNN, and DeepStream SDK.

10. Amazon Web Services (AWS): While primarily a cloud services provider, AWS contributes to various open source projects like Apache Kafka, Kubernetes, and the Rust programming language.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and may vary based on different sources and perspectives.